Spain is one of the best country in the world when it comes to football. Many star players were born in this wonderful country. This tradition countinues even today because Spain nowadays is still a strong country in football and still create a lot of good players for the world. Camp Nou is the stadium where FC Barcelona, one of the strongest team in Spain's nation football league "La Liga", resides. This is the largest stadium in Europe, and fact that it is open for tourists fot a small free makes this place a great attraction in Barcelona.

Jade Emperor Pagoda is a must-see destianation in Ho Chi Minh city.


Though facing a lot of challenge lately, Greece is still one of the richest countries when it comes to culture value. With thousand years of culture, Greece will surely satisfy your curious about one of the most ancient culture : Ancient Greece. Nowadays Greece is one of the top destinations for tourists who want to know more about the world rather than just having fun. Orthodox Easter in Greece is one of the most famous festivals and should be attended given the chance.

La Tomatina (Tomato fight) is a famous festival in Spain. Because this is such an unique festival, that every year at this time people from all over the world gather in the town Bunol of Spain in order to join this festival. Although there are a lot of attempts to mimic this festival, tourists only feels the fun here in Bunol. This festival, aside to having fun, also serves as an attraction to attract more tourists to Spain, contribute to the tourism of this country.